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Domain Charges:

Charges to register and renew domains are stated during the registration/renewal process.

Domains are required to be paid for at the time of registration and before renewal.

There are no charges to transfer Nominet domains to and from other registrars.

Charges to transfer ENOM domains to MGF are £15.00GBP, which includes a further year’s registration.

There are no charges for termination of Domain contract with MGF, where a domain is transferred away from MGF.

There are no charges for the management/maintenance of domains.

Domain Management:

Domain Renewal Notices will be issued, via email unless customer requests otherwise, on a weekly basis beginning 90 days before the domain is due to expire. This email requests a response confirming if the domain is to be renewed, so that an invoice can be issued and paid before the expiry date. The domain will be renewed as soon as payment is received.

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