Complaints Procedure (2)

Complaining to

Customer redress and abuse complaints (1)

Contact point for customer redress ansd abuse complaints

Customer Service (1)

How long it will MGF take to make an initial response to customer contact

Domain Registration Terms and Conditions (3)

Domain Registration Terms and Conditions

Domain Service Charges (2)

Charges for Domain Services

MGF Terms and Conditions (1)

MGF Terms and Conditions

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 Customer Service

Acknowledgement of any communications from customers will be within 24 hours - by their preferred...

 Complaining to

In the first instance any complaints should be addressed to or call us...

 Terms and Conditions

Domain Charges: Charges to register and renew domains are stated during the registration/renewal...

 Escalating a complaint

If a complaint has been made to the customer services team at MGF and the customer is not happy...

 CentralNic Domains

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